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The herbal ingredients used in making the oil is of immense healing properties and results in curing Burn wounds, Cuts and diabetic wounds with no scars on skin . After conducting meticulous research, profound studies and following the ancient Ayurvedic texts, we formulated the oil, which is known to provide maximum healing against Severe burns,cuts and Diabetic wounds leaving no scars on skin. Dr.Burns burns care oil is perfectly adapted from ancient Ayurvedic formula heals the skin from severe Burn wounds, Diabetic wounds, Cuts etc.. and make your skin rejuvenated while enhancing your natural beauty from within. Dr.Burns oil uses natural ingredients expertly combined into herbal and natural formulas. We use natural and organic herbal ingredients which can naturally enhance the beauty of the skin with several common external skin damage such as Burn wounds, Cuts, Diabetic wounds very effectively.

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Rejuvenate Yourself With Dr. Burns Ayurvedic Oil


Ayurvedic oil is calming, soothing, moistening and lubricating. Ayurvedic oil transmits these qualities deep into the tissues of the body.

Our Vision

To finish the journey of being the most trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry, which we started one decades back. To keep on providing new age solutions for the healthcare industry. To mark our presence in the highly regularized pharmaceutical markets all our world.

Our Mission

To achieve highest end-consumer satisfaction by providing quality products at affordable prices,provide treatments for the Skin Burns and new solutions and diseases by comprehensive Research and Development work. To remain up to date with the latest knowledge and technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Values

Dr. Burns Ayurvedic oil is Pure and 100% natural, we use the highest quality of natural ingredients. This means - No artificial colours. No artificial fragrance. No petrochemicals, urea, propylene glycol or other harmful additives.

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Our Services

Natural Pain Relief

We specialize in non-narcotic practices in healing pain such as headaches, chronic pain, joint pain, and back pain. We use an array of proven methods such as trigger point injections, chiropractic care, and rehabilitation. Our goal is to treat and relieve your pain permanently instead of using pharmaceuticals for temporary relief.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced. Treating and preventing medical conditions with herbs is naturally safe, as an overdose would cause irritation or nausea instead of landing in the emergency room.


Homeopathy treatments is to locate the root of your health issues and reverse them naturally. Homeopathy can treat many chronic and acute diseases, rather than managing or suppressing them. Our doctors are able to provide a deeper healing of mental, emotional, and physical complaints.


Deals with the Chief Compliant of the patient, also includes present and past history of the Chief Compliant.

Lab Investigation

Necessary Pathological investigation done according to the Chief Complaint and as per the need.


Based on the Pathological reports, We will come to a Diagnosis


As per the Diagnosis, Proper Treatment will be given.

Inspired By Nature

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing encourages spending time amidst nature to rejuvenate the mind and the soul. Nature is therapeutic and has the power to heal, nourish and transform our body and the mind.

I had a good treatment at Dr. Burns which made my leg problem to cure in a good effective manner.

- Prisha Sri

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We value the relationships with our customers because they are the driving force behind our direction, our purpose and most importantly our existence in the Industry.

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Ms. Padmaja is another satisfied person who got treated by Dr. Burns. Padmaja got her face and both arms burned. As a consequence she suffered from colour variation on face and her arms were swollen and turned white in colour. As an after effect of the burn she also had discomfort in moving her fingers. Dr. Burns’s treatment solved her entire problem and is now leading a happy life.
Dr Burns

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