Types of Burns and Remedies to Take Care

Wash with Cucumber Water Put the affected area under running tap water for a few minutes and wash with cucumber water or rose water. Both of these have astringent properties and help in preventing infection.

Apply Cucumber & Carrot or Aloe Vera Paste Grind cucumber and carrot in a blender or mash them finely in a mortar & pestle. Strain the juice out and apply the paste on the affected area. You can also crush Aloe Vera leaves and apply the pulp. If fresh leaves are not easily available, you can use Aloe Vera gel available in stores.

Ayurvedic Skin Burn Remedies for Quick Relief:

Ghee gives a cooling effect on the skin. If possible, take barks of Pipal and Bargad and mash it into a pulp. Add this to cow ghee and apply on the affected area. Applying plain ghee on burn area is also beneficial.

Honey & Coconut Oil Mix equal amounts of honey and plain coconut oil. Use this mixture on the burn area for relief. Instead of coconut oil you can use sesame oil as well.

Symptoms of Burning sensation

Inflammation,pain,fever, thirst often disturbing and upsetting. One way you can get rid of the these symptoms by adopting an Ayurvedic approach. Ayurveda uses natural ingredients, herbs and medicated oils, packed with anti-inflammatory healing properties to offer quick relief from the pain.

Dr. Burns Ayurvedic Oil

Burn injuries can affect anyone, anytime. These wounds are caused due to several factors such as- coming in contact with fire or hot liquid, skin damage due to sunburn, chemical burns, etc. as per Ayurveda burn injuries are classified into 4 types
Plusta (First degree burn): Affect the epidermal or outer most layers of your skin. Occurs when your skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Symptoms Redness Tenderness Peeling of the skin etc. Durdagdha (Second degree burn): Affects the dermis or second layer of the skin. Symptoms Wound turns pink, soft and moist Discharge of pus/fluid Red blisters etc. Samyagdagdha (Third degree burn): The injury extends beyond the dermis and penetrates deeper tissues. Symptoms Numbness Black or charred skin. Atidagdha (Fourth degree burn): This type of injury causes damage to the hypodermis. The muscles, veins, nerves, and even bones are severely damaged.

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